Myrtle Beach Electric Bikes

What is an electric bike?

ELECTRIC BIKES are the LATEST EVOLUTION of bikes with an integrated electric motor that provides a gentle boost or enough power to conquer almost any hill.  Electric  bikes, often called eBikes, are gaining huge popularity across the USA  and are now taking a large market share away from conventional bicycles.  E-bikes use a rechargeable battery and can travel up to 20 mph with a range of 40+ miles.   One of the best things about an electric bike is the integrated motor gives you the ability to put in as much or as little effort as you choose – all while having  FUN,  getting exercise, and enjoying the great outdoors.      Do not miss out on an “OPPORTUNITY” to try something NEW that is absolutely the future, nor should you miss out on this “BUCKET LIST” adventure!   Now  LET’S RIDE!!!

Types of Bikes

Several Types of bikes. We can fit you with the perfect e-bike - we carry several sizes and types of e-bikes.

Best Bikes in Town

Our fat tire mountain e-bikes are comfortable, stable, safe, and are guaranteed to make your biking experience 100% stress-free.

Rental Delivery and Pickup

Want to explore while on your vacation? We offer Multi-Day and Daily rentals delivered to your home or hotel's front door!

24/7 Support

Need support? We are available 24/7 to support you when renting an e-bike.

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